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Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First Is The Last Thing You Should Do


ABC News reporter Genevieve Shaw Brown was hell-bent on raising her kids to like vegetables and eat more than chicken nuggets for dinner. She woke up at five a.m. every morning to prepare perfectly portioned meals of turkey meatballs along with veggies, couscous, mashed cauliflower, and sliced fruit for her small children.

While eating lukewarm mac-n-cheese out of a brown paper box and feeling sluggish and tired most of the time, she realized that she had never considered eating what she made for her kids. After that, Brown put herself on the “Baby Diet”: she ate the healthy food her kids ate, minimized snacking, and created a more regimented meal plan. She felt better, lost those stubborn pounds, and prepared a short segment on her new diet forGood Morning America that went viral.

After that, she began thinking further: what happens when you treat yourself the way you instinctively treat your children? From sleep training to exercising to making time for friends, Brown shares her own stories, expert advice, and innovative hacks to address the common issues mothers face while teaching women how to care for themselves with the same love and attention they give their children and families every day. The Happiest Mommy You Know is the life-changing and incredibly positive approach to the challenges of modern parenting—and gives parents permission to finally treat themselves better.

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“Bravo, Genevieve! She has the courage to tell us it’s impossible to love our kids without first loving (and accepting) ourselves. And, the grace to show us how to do so. Never before has that old adage been more true, ‘If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!'”

–Paula Faris, Co-Host of “The View,” “Good Morning America” anchor, and mom of three

“At last! Reasonable and sane advice us moms so desperately need. Genevieve’s practical tips and guidance helped me figure out how to better manage the mommy balancing act, making me (and my kids) much happier. Thanks to her, I’ve added one more person to my priority list: me!”

–Mara Schiavocampo, “Good Morning America Correspondent,” author of Thinspired, and mom of two

“It took me five years and three kids to truly understand what Genevieve so effectively and simply maps out in this book: the key to my family’s happiness is prioritizing my own happiness and well-being. This book is a must-read ‘how-to’ for all new and experienced moms who still hang onto the MAJOR misnomer that you don’t count (in a big way). Start now!”

–Christine Irwin, Founder of Upper East Side Mommas and mom of three

“In a world where moms never quite feel like they’re doing (or being) enough for everyone around them (including themselves), Genevieve provides not just a reprieve from the nagging guilt, but a much-needed guide to happiness and balance. If you’re looking for both a warm hug as well as a light at the end of the tunnel, this book is for you.”

Amy Stanford, Senior Editor,

“Award-winning journalist Brown goes beyond many of the recent humorous works by blogger moms…The Happiest Mommy You Know chronicles Brown’s journey from raising her kids perfectly while losing sight of self-care to intentionally treating herself as well as she treated her kids. By regaining diet, health, sleep, and time with friends, she helped herself, and with her book, she’ll help many other moms get back to being as healthy as they hope their children will be. In a saturated genre, The Happiest Mommy shines out and will be a hit.”